Friday, June 30, 2006

So low...

These two syllables can be interpreted in two different ways if they are slurred or said in a rushed fashion. "so low" can mean 1-that my self esteem is so low that i have to step over it, or 2-"solo" as in completely and unequivically alone. Alone....that's how I've felt today. Usually I don't let bad days, weeks, or circumstances get me down, but today I just about lost it. After an eternal and boring work day, I decided to go to the gym and beat the crap out of myself for three hours. Ususally, this helps, but tonight it was just off. I feel empty inside really...I know that some of you are going to be emailing and text messaging me Dr. Phil's number or self help hotlines or chats, but I really am ok. I went to a funeral today. However, this was not your typical funeral. After a long, hard struggle against terminal cancer, my lovelife died. I have lost all hope...I'd like to say that I don't give a crap about it, but I do. Oh well, some things just aren't meant to be i guess. So after killing myself at the gym, I come in from the garage and "A Walk to Remember" was playing. Yeah, just what I needed. So here I am at quarter to one in the morning, sitting in my room, typing on my computer; and all I have is a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, a wad of tissues, a headache, and assorted bruises and scrapes. My life sucks. But hey, there's a purpose in all this right?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Living it up

Wow...unlike some of my friends, i hardly ever blog. Oh well, anyway, I have made a recent newly-found discovery. That a pack of Edy's coconut popsicles, a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, a bag of kettle corn, and two new chick flicks can heal a highly stressful, hectic, and eternal Thursday in the corporate world. I feel like I have aged about two or three years this summer alone. Working as a temp is a difficult job, especially when you are doing office work. I know that I am really fortunate and blessed to get this job and gain all of this experience, but I really wish that there was an easier way. When I get home from work, I usually hibernate in my room and read, watch chick-flicks that make me bemoan my completely unromantic life at the present, or sleep. I can actually say that I know what it feels like to be kind of a loner. I don't really feel like I belong-like I'm part of two very different worlds. Which I guess I am acutally, shocker. So, while all of the other people my age are going out on Friday nights, and chilling with friends after work, I go out by myself, usually eat by myself, and go home and lock myself in my room. It's not so bad...just kinda empty. Well, so much for being philisophical....just had to get all that out there. And by the way, that whole coconut popsicles, DP, kettle corn, and chick flicks thing is exactly how I spent my Thursday night. It's not so bad really....I enjoyed myself. :) If you ever need a pick-me-up, don't go out and spend all your money on some temporary i-hope-blowing-all-this-money-will-make-me-feel-better, to-die-for, new item. Go rent a couple new movies or old favs, grab a box of popsicles and DP and chill in bed.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Well, I have finally gotten a call from my agency. I am now employed again. I have gotten a great job at a transit station and the people here are so nice and helpful. It really is a great job. I kinda wish that I could stay but I know that it is only for two weeks. Oh well, just thanking God for His provision and letting y'all know that I am actually making some money! Haha.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Anniversay Hayday

Tomorrow starts my church's 25th Anniversary festivities. Please pray that all will go well. There are tons of people coming in for it, and no one is going to get much sleep at all this weekend. We have a big, white tent and we are going to have a moon bounce and stuff like that along with softball, frisbee, and volleyball games; and in the traditional Baptist way---tons of FOOD! It is going to be such a blessing but we still have so much to do. Please pray that everything runs smoothly and that we will have good weather! Thanks!

Beyond All Hope of Ever Trapping Elusive Summer Job

Complete and utter despair.....not really. More like really bummed out. I got a call from my temp agency this morning, and lo and behold, they finally had a job for me! I was so excited that I about fell off my bed. I had to check with my mom first because I had promised to be her indentured servant today. She told me to take the job. The job was great-all I had to do was sign out pool passes and help out at a clubhouse at a nearby subdivision. I called my agency back only to find that the job had been delegated to another temp.......that's where the complete and utter despair part kicked in. So now, instead of working anywhere today; I am sitting around at home-AGAIN. I have put in applications all over the place and have come up with nothing. Not even a rejection call! This stinks like a grandfather skunk rummaging around in 3 month old Chinese food after an Indian summer. I am so bummed out I......well, let's just say I'm really bummed out. Please pray that I find a job soon! I know the Lord has one for me, but sometimes it is hard to wait. In the meantime, my wallet will still be filled with pennies, old pay stubs, receipts, and assorted gift cards with a combined value of $1.42.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Just thought I'd write and see how well this is working...... Still looking for a job and NOTHING exciting has happened lately. Sorry I'm kinda boring right now. Oh well, you guys will make it without my advice...somehow. Haha.